Ultimate Software Collection


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Ultimate Software Collection

Unique windows software offer almost 100 free programs in many multiple useful categories, all on a packed DVD

This is our Ultimate Software Collection DVD, updated regularly

NOTE this is a special introductory offer, price has to rise soon!

You can find on this DVD full software (or installers) for almost 100 of the VERY BEST
programs for Windows on the web. They are all latest versions as at January 1st 2018

We have researched this software to make sure it really is amongst the very best you can get.

Uses super-simple menu system to automate the software installation

You can find additional information for each program on the tooltips and ‘more info’ buttons in the installation menu

The software covers the following categories:

Image and Video editing

Music Software

Office / Productivity Applications

Data Tools

General Tools / Utilities

Security programs

Data Tools

And other miscellaneous software

Nearly all these programs are full software versions. A few of them are ‘lite’ versions, but all function
perfectly well without the need for any upgrades.

Installation instructions

There is an advanced one-click menu installation system for all these programs

Note that a few of these programs may offer to install additional ‘bundled software’ with the main installation. In most cases
you should uncheck the options to install these as they may have undesirable effects such as changing your browser’s

If your machine has 64-bit architecture then you should install the 64-bit program versions where available (in order to maximize

Note that this product is not for resale. If you would like distribution rights then please contact us, we will be happy to help

If you would like information about the actual software titles on the DVD just contact us

Please let us know of any issues you may have while working with this software – thanks!

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